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First Week at a New Job? Get to Know Your Team!

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Here are some pointers for new team leaders and managers to get started on the right foot.

What the elle

The Powerful Sign That Things Are Changing for Women

Well, we’ve just passed the tenth anniversary of the Lehman bankruptcy and the crescendo of the financial crisis, out of which came a long, slow recovery. Since then, the rich have gotten richer...

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Women and Business: September 14th, 2018

This week -- women and business in the news.

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Three Ways Women Can Turn Fear of Failure Into Fearless Action

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From a young age, girls are often not taught to be risk-takers. Here's why and what to do about it.

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Mastering the Pivot as a Small Business Owner

Featured on Forbes

How small business owners can find more meaning in their work without starting over.

Melanie curtis Ellevate Stories

Creating Wins-Wins for My Community: Melanie Curtis

Inspired by the idea of joining an all women's network, Melanie has dedicated her career (and Ellevate membership) to sharing the wisdom of her professional experience.


Serena Williams’ $17,000 Truth Tax

Serena accused of receiving coaching, standing up for herself when she was given a warning, being penalized a point, fighting back, being penalized a game.

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How Coaching Can Help Women Get Ahead in the Tech Industry

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What’s a talented woman to do when she feels torn between staying and leaving? What’s her organization to do to make sure she stays?

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Approach Cold Calling Differently

Cold calling success is largely based on the ability to differentiate yourself from others doing the exact same thing.

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It’s Time to Get Serious About Educating Women Around the World — The Economy Will Thank Us

Featured on Forbes

It's about time that we begin to look outside our own communities and consider women’s access to education on a global scale.

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Taking the Emotion Out of Asking to Be Paid Your Worth

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There are so many emotions tied up with money that it's no wonder it can be hard to ask to be compensated at the right level, or know what the right level is.

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Seven Corporate Skills to Take With You Into Entrepreneurship

Featured on Forbes

The entrepreneurial world can be a dramatic cultural shift from corporate, but that doesn't mean you should leave all your corporate experiences at the door. Here are seven skills to hold on to.